In 2019, K2 held our first “Culture Day” in each of our offices around the world. The initiative saw each office celebrate what makes K2’s culture so amazing, and to reflect on the vision and values that make us who we are.

It was such a successful series of events that Culture Day is now an annual occurrence for K2. This year each of our offices chose to focus on one of three themes:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Health and Wellbeing

Here’s how some K2 offices celebrated Culture Day 2020:


Focussing upon Diversity and Inclusion, our London office began their Culture Day with a global feast! The team is made up of a rich variety of nationalities and colleagues were invited to cook or bake a traditional dish from their culture. 

After enjoying the food, the workshop session began. Here the office was split into eight teams, with each team having a Diversity and Inclusion topic assigned to them. After a period of discussion, the groups fed their thoughts back to the office about what it means to them and its importance to K2. 

The interactive day ended with fun and games including diversity bingo and a Q&A session using the office’s wheel of fortune! 



The Dallas office chose to combine two of the set themes for their Culture Day – Environmental Awareness and Mental Health and Wellbeing. The team broke into small teams, each creating a presentation about how K2 Dallas embodies and demonstrates the company’s core values. 

The main activity focussed upon K2 Dallas’s environmental efforts. The team helped a community clean-up at a pond area that can be found directly behind the office. Going forward the Dallas team is scheduled to get involved with other local clean-up efforts every two months, to continue supporting the community.



In light of their new sustainable initiatives for 2020, K2 Boston chose to concentrate upon the Environmental Awareness theme for their Culture Day. 

Examples of these include new automatic motion sensors that turn off lights when no one is present in rooms to reduce electricity wastage. The office has also purchased a Bevi Soda Water Machine, which means there is now no need for plastic bottles and cans.

On Culture Day the team watched an ‘ecoflix’ documentary – A Plastic Ocean. After this, they discussed how each employee can make an effort to further reduce their single-use plastic consumption. Additionally, each team member was given a K2 tote bag and the office committed to getting involved with Earth Day in April.


San Francisco

Our San Francisco office has a beautiful rooftop patio area, which the team utilised for Culture Day to enjoy a delicious Barbeque for lunch.

After this, three of the newest team members were chosen to lead the office’s group sessions. Each session was assigned with one of the Culture Day themes and consisted of a brainstorm. The teams compiled a list of ‘commandments’ that would help shape the San Francisco office’s culture and presented them to their colleagues. These commandments have been entered into an online survey so that the team can vote for the ones they believe should be implemented in the future.

Not only this, but the team celebrated the fact that they have contributed to the planting of 100 trees in California through the charity, One Tree Planted.



K2 Madrid decided to get out of the office and into nature for their Culture Day celebrations!

The day started with an orientation activity in the mountains near the city. The office was organised into teams for a treasure hunt. After this, everyone enjoyed a picnic. The day ended with plenty of team building activities to help everyone bond and appreciate the importance of working together.



Finally, the Geneva office held their Culture Day over two days. Their focus was on Health and Wellbeing. 

On the first day, the team split into groups to take on two activities. Each group was assigned a topic, such as frustration in the workplace. Each group discussed their topic and came up with solutions to tackle them. These discussions were then presented to the whole office.

For the second exercise, each team member’s name was placed on one piece of paper. These were passed around so that every person in the office wrote one positive thing about each of their colleagues.

On the second day, the office went up into the mountains to a ski resort for a team-building challenge – ‘Into the Wild’. In teams, the Geneva office completed challenges such as building temporary avalanche shelters to finish the race. They then finished the day with a fondue!

Culture Day is an opportunity to not only reiterate K2’s mission to the teams all over the world, but it is a great chance for our employees to learn together while having fun. It allows each person to have a voice through collaboration and communication with their colleagues. 

As each year passes, K2 will draw upon each Culture Days’ lessons and messages to help develop our company.

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