Vodafone_IoTThe 2016 IoT Barometer report from Vodafone reveals that interest in IoT is higher than ever with 28% of businesses already having live projects and a further 35% less than a year away from launch.

Respondents were selected from across multiple regions, industries, company size and IT spend and only decision-makers at senior management level or above were asked.

The five key takeaways from the report were:

1. Bigger commitment produces better results – IoT remains a top business focus and adopters are increasing their investment. Those that make a bigger commitment see better results.

2. IoT supports business transformation – helps optimise operational processes and when you build it into your products and use it to transform your business, you’ll see greater results.

3. Leaders measure IoT within business processes – Most adopters have clear goals, but the top performers are those that treat their IoT initiatives as business projects instead of IT purchases.

4. IT integration is key to using IoT data effectively – Adopters see that IoT applications are a goldmine of data, and are focused on getting that data to the people and applications that need it.

5. Security needs end-to-end attention – Security and privacy can’t be ignored. Most adopters are cautiously optimistic, working with their IoT providers to control risk.

Top industries for IoT projects are transport, logistics, public sector and energy-related businesses, all of which are reporting an increase in projects and investment. It is also ‘connected products’ in particular, that are being seen as a key growth area.

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