The new dynamics of enterprise technology: inside K2’s growth story

Companies across the globe are fast adapting to digital transformation and cutting edge enterprise technology. New advancements and innovations are a daily occurrence, pushing businesses to adapt or risk becoming obsolete. This creates a pressing demand from organizations looking for support from a business who will offer end-to-end consultative technology solutions, particularly in the enterprise applications and cloud space. 

Finding a service provider who will help businesses navigate the complexities of emerging tech trends and provide value to the organizations that depend on them is a challenge. That’s where K2 Partnering Solutions comes in.

When we were established in 1997 we were purely a recruitment company. These origins live on in K2 Talent Solutions, the part of the K2 group that’s dedicated to matching the best technology talent with top businesses. However, over the years, we’ve evolved to be a leader in providing the world’s leading organizations with dynamic and varied solutions to address their most complex enterprise technology needs. 

Ever expanding presence in the professional services industry

We have strategically expanded our offerings to encompass a comprehensive suite of professional services thanks to our brand, K2 Managed Solutions. When an organization needs help in achieving their technology goals, we assemble a team of tried and tested experts from our network of global consultants. Our offering in this space was broadened when we acquired Openlogix in March 2023. 

The organization is a leading Salesforce, MuleSoft and IBM business partner with over 16 years of experience in delivering digital transformation solutions, including enterprise application integration. Openlogix’s team of experienced consultants and developers enhanced our ability to deliver customized solutions to our clients. 

This acquisition was quickly followed a month later by another, Aquient, a leading customer experience and digital transformation consultancy in the Asia-Pacific region. Our partnership will complement our existing enterprise services, delivering comprehensive, future-proof solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age.

Integrating Openlogix and Aquient’s services with our own has allowed us to expand within our ecosystems, providing a unique opportunity to efficiently scale our delivery capabilities and further expand our global reach.

Empowering workforces with training in the most in-demand technologies

A workforce with the most up to date technology skills is paramount. In 2016, we added K2 University to the K2 group in order to support businesses by upskilling their teams in the most in-demand skills and knowledge. By retaining and developing existing staff, organizations increase their success and get the best ROI.

K2 University offers official training in key technologies, including Salesforce. In September 2022, we acquired Focus on Force to bolster our global training program. Focus on Force specializes in training and certifications across the Salesforce ecosystem.

The acquisition has helped us to accelerate our strategy to help create the talent and skills required to address the global shortage of Salesforce professionals needed by 2026, according to the latest study by IDC. Partnering with them has given us access to Focus on Force’s market-leading library of training materials, exam questions and online courses. These key resources are instrumental in increasing the chance of success for business teams that need to gain the most in-demand skills and knowledge to drive digital transformation.

One of the largest growing areas in the technology industry is undoubtedly Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an estimated 11.5 million data-related job openings by 2026. To meet this demand, K2 University launched a new comprehensive AI course named ChatGPT Prompting for Business Users

The course unlocks new opportunities to integrate the power of AI into their everyday work. It’s aimed at business professionals, team leaders, project managers and anyone interested in leveraging large language models (LLMs) to enhance innovation and productivity.

Harnessing the power of enterprise technology

Embracing and utilizing technology is the best way to stay dynamic and successful. K2 Platform Solutions incorporates each of our company platforms. These make all the hard work of finding work and hiring talent simple for organizations. 

We added to our digital offering when we launched Techsta in October 2022. It’s a web platform that allows companies to source and hire vetted enterprise technology talent they need to deliver mission-critical projects. It enables businesses to easily find experts to drive their mission-critical projects or improve their existing systems. 

Each professional in our network has proven expertise and experience. What’s more, they’re ready to start work straight away. Being able to have a team of technology professionals assembled in a matter of days makes it easier for organizations to be flexible and agile in the fast paced world of technology.

Since 1997, K2 Partnering Solutions has evolved to be far more than a recruitment company. Today, we’re a strategic partner for businesses looking to not just adapt but thrive in the digital age.

Talk to us today about how we will help your organization stay ahead in the world of enterprise technology. 

Ottilie Wood