K2’s Offices are Going Green!

This year, K2 launched our GoGreen campaign! With offices all over the world upping their efforts to support the environment, we can make a real contribution to our planet’s wellbeing.

Earlier this year, K2 Boston installed a ‘Bevi’ machine for the office. The team can enjoy chilled still and sparkling water, with a wide choice of flavors all without using a single plastic bottle. One of the Bevi’s great perks is that it displays how many plastic bottles have been saved each time the machine is used. This figure clearly demonstrates the positive environmental impact of installing the Bevi – in the first two weeks of January 2020 alone the Boston office avoided using a staggering 2,548 bottles!

Our Frankfurt office has sealed the deal for a brand new BRITA water system. By investing in this feature, the team has significantly reduced its carbon footprint. Before, the office drank its way through crates of plastic and glass bottles. With the installation of the BRITA water system, the team can now enjoy filtered water with minimal environmental impact. K2 Frankfurt is now one step closer to their goal of being completely plastic-free by the end of 2020!

K2 Madrid has implemented the initial steps to moving to electricity from 100% renewable sources. For the past few months, the office has been working with a supplier, Gesternova, with the aim of consuming purely green electricity. They’ve also reduced plastic use by providing a water fountain, as well as introducing biodegradable glasses and cutlery at events.

Our offices in Asia have employed paperless and plastic-free meetings. Dedication to ensuring that each gathering in this region’s offices does not use plastic or paper offers a small but important contribution to ensuring that K2 reduces our environmental impact.

Several K2 offices have more ideas about how to increase sustainability. Each shall continue to promote awareness and advice on how employees can make a difference to environmental issues, both in and out of work.

To find out more about what it’s like working for K2 and our latest opportunities, visit our website or get in touch with us at careers@k2partnering.com.

Marketing Team