K2’s artificial intelligence roadshow showcases innovative AI solutions to enthusiastic audiences

K2’s artificial intelligence roadshow has concluded in Latin America to great acclaim from our clients, highlighting the products and services that distinguish us in AI consulting.

The event, “Supercharge Your Business with Artificial Intelligence”, visited Mexico City, Bogotá, Medellín, and São Paulo.

Chris Collins, AI Consulting Director at K2, led all four sessions, demonstrating innovative and practical AI use cases to large audiences of local business leaders. 

His presentation highlighted several cutting-edge projects from K2’s artificial intelligence practice and detailed their application in boosting productivity for other businesses.

  • Rolling out an in-house copilot: Chris explained how K2 deployed a cost-effective virtual assistant to 750 employees, enabling seamless communication between Google Chat and Salesforce to better serve our clients.
  • Unlocking insights from unstructured data: K2 has leveraged retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) technology to locate and extract valuable insights from unstructured data, Chris told the conference.
  • Making websites conversational: He also revealed K2’s expertise in integrating conversational artificial intelligence into corporate websites, enhancing user engagement and driving conversions.

“It was a fantastic experience being in these four dynamic cities where interest in AI is really taking off,” Chris said. “I especially enjoyed talking to clients because everyone was very keen to discuss concrete ways that AI can drive business growth. Many wanted to know where to start with AI and how to make progress – and that’s exactly where K2’s AI consulting practice can help.”

Need help getting started with artificial intelligence? K2 will put you on the right path and support you through every step of your transformation. Contact us today.

Simon Mortlock


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