K2 rolls out its own cost-effective AI copilot to 750 staff

K2’s artificial intelligence practice has created an AI copilot, the K2 Virtual Assistant, and rolled it out to about 750 employees without having to pay for seat licenses.

Copilots, which use generative AI to enhance productivity and task automation, are increasingly being integrated into major enterprise technology platforms, but companies typically pay for each additional user. The K2 Virtual Assistant, built in-house, scales across our organization without any extra costs, regardless of headcount.

As well as being cost effective, our copilot is easy to use as it’s built into Google Chat, a tool that employees use every day.

The K2 Virtual Assistant enables our team members to interact with Salesforce using natural language within the Google Chat interface, making tasks like extracting client data for presentations more efficient. It can also provide skill-based job recommendations, optimize job descriptions for better matching, streamline pipeline management, and provide comprehensive meeting summaries and follow-up actions.

Additionally, our Virtual Assistant proactively reaches out to K2 employees with daily suggestions and insights to enhance their performance and better serve our customers.

The copilot is the product of our dedicated AI consulting practice, which develops practical solutions for K2 and our clients, leveraging generative AI with proprietary business data.

Chris Collins, CTO and AI Consulting Director at K2 Partnering Solutions, provides further insights into our Virtual Assistant and how it’s transforming our business:

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Simon Mortlock