K2 Recognised for its Exceptional ESG Offering

We’re so proud to have been recognised for our exceptional performance in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) space!

We received a trophy to mark this achievement as part of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association’s (BVCA) ‘Vision 2022’ initiative. It demonstrates our previous growth, innovation and dedication to ESG, as well as our dedication to maintaining and developing these commitments in the future.

We’ve been working hard to develop our ESG initiatives over the years. It’s vital to uphold our commitments and responsibilities to our people, the planet and its global communities, as Fernanda Pellegrini, our Vice President of People Strategies, explains:

“Defining an ESG vision requires careful local consideration and also global alignment. Understanding local nuances and needs on a social level are as important as identifying the global universal environment themes that unite us. It’s taken us time to get here and the work is not done yet. The road ahead is as long as the one behind and this recognition shows us that we are on the right path and making the right decisions.”

The BVCA judges described K2 as a ‘great growth story’ and that the investment and support from Inflexion, our current majority stakeholders, ‘has supported K2’s digital transformation and helped to capitalise on changing market dynamics’.

Navreet Toor is Executive Assistant to K2’s CEO, Antonio Gulino. After accepting our BVCA trophy, she said:

“Many view ESG as a ‘HR’ or ‘Shared Service’ related topic. However, ESG ratings impact profitability regardless of what industry you work in. People like to know that the organisation/s they interact with, and essentially buy from, are companies that do good in the world. That’s a fact. K2’s been working on a systematic approach to implementing a number of ESG related initiatives over the past few years, with so much more yet to come. Being recognised by the BVCA means that we are heading in the right direction, one step at a time.”

We’re delighted to have been honoured in an area that is so meaningful to our company. Our goal is to continue to improve our ESG commitment and offering and our BVCA recognition is a fantastic reminder that we’re on the right track.

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Ottilie Wood


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