K2 Partnering Solutions Appoints Chris Collins as CTO and AI Consulting Director

Chris Collins, CTO and AI Consulting Director, K2 Partnering Solutions

LONDON, 14 December 2023 – K2 Partnering Solutions, the global leader in consultative technology and talent solutions, has appointed Chris Collins as Chief Technology Officer and AI Consulting Director. In his new role, Chris will lead AI and machine learning strategies for K2 and provide world-leading AI consulting services to K2’s customers.

K2 Partnering Solutions is deeply committed to the integration and advancement of AI within its organizational framework. This commitment goes beyond keeping pace with technological advancements; it is about leading the charge in the industry. By embedding AI more deeply into our operations and enhancing our capabilities, K2 is poised to offer clients not just technology solutions, but transformative experiences. Its focus is on leveraging AI to enhance its internal processes and to provide clients with a suite of next-generation, AI-driven solutions, customized to meet their unique needs and challenges.

Chris has more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry across a variety of technology disciplines including cloud computing, mobile, messaging, virtual reality, automation, and AI. He is an accomplished leader and innovator in the new fields of generative AI and large language models, deploying several Generative AI products, and providing consulting services and presenting on the topic. He has successfully founded and scaled several tech ventures during his career.

Commenting on his appointment, Chris said: “I am excited to join K2 Partnering Solutions where I’ll help define how AI shapes talent solutions and consulting for our global and blue-chip client base. With PromptRecruit, I focused on innovating AI solutions in talent acquisition. Now, with K2, I am eager to expand these innovations, leveraging our collective strengths to elevate our services for clients and set new benchmarks in the industry.”

Chris has most recently been the head of Tipodean Technologies and its AI recruitment platform PromptRecruit, which allows companies to increase the productivity of their hiring teams through the use of Generative AI. K2 Partnering Solutions is acquiring PromptRecruit and the WhatsApp Generative AI product PromptReply. Chris has also provided strategic guidance and support to companies looking to leverage the power of AI and advanced language models and helped them understand how to apply them to their organizations.

“I’m delighted to welcome Chris to the K2 team. His extensive background in empowering businesses to transform customer interactions and operations with cutting-edge AI will provide a significant boost to K2’s AI strategy and help our customers unlock new AI-powered innovations for their businesses,” said Antonio Gulino, CEO of K2.

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