Happy 10th Anniversary to K2 Brazil!

2020 marked a special milestone for K2 as our Brazil division celebrated its tenth anniversary. Thanks to the team’s hard work and dedication over the past decade, the K2 business in Brazil has flourished.

In 2010, K2 was unknown in the country and so a team of five established a base in a São Paulo house belonging to one employee’s grandmother! This would become the first K2 office in Latin America.

Together, this group of employees had the drive and ambition to develop K2 Brazil’s market from the ground up. In a matter of months, the team was able to rent office space in a corporate building in São Paulo.

Since then the team has worked hard to build K2’s brand, reputation and presence in the Brazilian market.

In 2013, we launched an ambitious project to develop our own IT systems and built our own tech team based in Brazil. This team delivers all of our internal system development and innovation and also offers consulting and managed services for our clients.

K2 Brazil has continued to develop, with K2 University starting its education operation in the region in 2017, and being appointed as the exclusive Salesforce Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Provider in Brazil

In the last 10 years, K2 Brazil has become a key part of our business, with a branch in Curitiba opening in 2016, in Brasília in 2018 and in Rio de Janeiro in 2019. Even with the challenges of 2020, the team continues to grow the business, in October passing the milestone of deploying 900 IT consultants to deliver first-class technology services to clients.

To find out more about what it’s like working for K2 and our latest opportunities, visit our website or get in touch with us at careers@k2partnering.com.

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Transforming Salesforce with GenAI

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