Here’s 10 of the things we learnt from this year’s Sapphire Now conference:
1. SAP S/4 HANA is the fastest selling SAP solution ever! 3200 licences sold since its launch early 2015.

2. SAP now has close to 30 million users in the cloud.

3. There is still some uncertainty about how acquisitions such as Ariba and Concur fit in SAP’s overall cloud strategy.

4. 160 S/4HANA projects are now live with 800 currently being implemented.

5. SAP has committed to helping customers build their road maps for all S/4 HANA projects.

6. SAP hopes to transform healthcare with its Connected Health Platform – current offerings for the healthcare market include: SAP Connected Health platform, SAP Health Engagement and SAP Medical Research Insights solutions, and partner solutions. SAP is planning to build new solutions and partnerships on the SAP Connected Health platform.

7. On-demand manufacturing is set for a boost with the news of integration between SAP’s extended supply chain solutions with UPS’s additive industrial manufacturing and logistics network.

8. The new partnership with Microsoft promises better integration between Office 365 and SAP SaaS products, and HANA is now certified to run on Azure, the Microsoft public cloud.

9. The SAP and Apple or ‘Sapple’ partnership will bring a new SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, SAP Fiori for iOS, a Native iOS SAP apps for critical business operations and a SAP Academy for iOS.

10. The conference received over 30,000 attendees including 500 customers from Asia and 120 from China.


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