PegaworldK2 Boston’s Beth Skowyra, Jamie Wood and Adam Blakemore were at this year’s PegaWorld conference in Las Vegas to get the lowdown on the latest news from the world of fast growing CRM vendor Pega Systems. Jamie Wood reports.

“The Paradox of Technology”

The opening Keynote from CEO Alan Trefler discussed the “Paradox of Technology” – technology creates a gap your customers must cross: new channels become silos, data is used for little more than records, and customers get trapped in complex business processes. He stressed the importance of personalized, human relationships that allow you to fulfill your promises. He discussed emerging trends in technology, enterprise software, and customer engagement and presented a roadmap for using technology to engage customers in a way that is personalized, effective, and effortless.

Connected Healthcare

Next, Jeroen Tas, CEO of Connected Care & Health Informatics at Philips announced a new partnership between Pega and Philips. By connecting the Pega Care Management Application to the Philips HealthSuite Cloud platform, caregivers can remotely manage care with connected health applications to provide immediate access to a patient’s health status.

We were able to meet with several of our System Integrator partners, potential end clients and consultants at the conference. Many of the system integrators that K2 currently does business with, such as Accenture, Capgemini and Cognizant, are very involved in the Pega space.

Shortage of qualified Pega talent

The main theme from from both clients and consultants is that there just aren’t enough qualified Pega professionals, both independent contractors and full timers, in the marketplace globally. K2 will continue to grow our bench of qualified Pega consultants to ensure we  meet the needs of our partners as the technology continues to gain market share and become more popular with clients. Thanks to K2 for letting us take part in such a great event!

Jamie Wood is a CRM specialist at K2 Boston.

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