Happy Birthday K2This year, K2 celebrates its 20th birthday, and what a 20 years it’s been. Founded in 1997 by James McHugh, from humble beginnings in a small office in London to a truly multinational business with 19 locations on 5 continents, K2 has come a long way. Let’s take a look down memory lane at some of the milestones that have helped shape K2.

Initially focused on providing our customers with the finest SAP consultants on the market, K2 expanded its services to Siebel, Oracle and Peoplesoft in 1999 and opened our cloud technology practice in 2010. Today, K2 works with the very best talent across 7 technology clusters, from enterprise cloud to cybersecurity and from big data to the internet of things as well as where it all started, enterprise on-premise.

Quality-driven procedures have always been at the heart of what K2 does and in 1999 this was cemented into the company with the launch of our proprietary quality control system, REQ™. Performance data from references and direct client feedback are analysed to generate REQ ratings on relationship, expertise and quality for all of our candidates. The focus on quality has meant that K2 candidates deliver success to businesses faster and more cost effectively than anyone else.

More recently, 2015 heralded the arrival of 2 significant initiatives for the company. Firstly, K2 Konnect was launched. This proprietary app for K2 consultants provides streamlined management of freelance employment processes, but crucially also a community and personal brand building platform for the candidates that work with K2.

Secondly, 2015 saw the launch of K2 University, the education division of the company. From then on, K2 not only sourced the best technology talent but also actively grew talent pools in core products such as SAP and Salesforce.

In March 2017, K2 received a minority investment from Inflexion private equity fund. Inflexion is an award-winning UK private equity firm that invests in high-growth, entrepreneurial businesses and works in partnership with them to accelerate growth. This partnership has opened a new chapter in the history of K2 and promises to help drive the next round of innovation and growth for K2’s unique brand of consultative technology staffing. Happy Birthday, K2!

Dylan Griffiths is Global Digital Marketing Director at K2 Partnering Solutions.

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