Last week LinkedIn recognised K2 as being one of the top 10 socially engaged recruitment companies in the world at their Social RecruitIn event in London. I was part of a panel discussing what makes a best-in-class social recruitment company and shared the stage with Julia Jachmann, Adecco Global Social Media Manager, Emma McNamara, Propel Director & Co-Founder and Andrew Linton, LinkedIn Global Solutions Consultant.

K2 at the LinkedIn Social RecruitIn 2015

Here are some of my comments from the Q&A held afterwards.

1. I know you have invested a lot of effort in streamlining internal systems – how has this helped you be more effective day-to-day?

Five years ago I was hired by K2 as a Salesforce developer to engineer a custom ATS system on the Salesforce platform. In my first week at K2’s London office, I received a phone call from a K2 Associate, trying to recruit me for a position at K2. The recruiter didn’t realise I was working just across the office from him!

At that moment, I realized that we needed a system which allowed employees to identify candidates along with accurate and up-to-date work experience. This kick-started our integration of Salesforce and LinkedIn so that the contact profile is visible in both systems and we can easily identify our level of engagement with the contact.

More recently, on the project role side we have also integrated with LinkedIn to be able to publish and organize our roles automatically from within Salesforce, making our hottest and hardest jobs immediately visible at the click of a button.

2. With mobile and the impact this is having on an increasingly “always-on” culture how do you see this impacting on the future of recruitment?

We receive around 6,000 applications per month through LinkedIn and around 30% of these application are through a mobile device. Therefore we are investing in developing mobile apps using LinkedIn API’s as authenticators and built on the Salesforce platform. We have different approaches for the different needs of our audiences:

  • Hiring managers: provide a pool of rated candidates who meet requirements and can be communicated with through the app.
  • Extended workforce: we recently announced K2 Konnect, which allows our contractors to submit timesheets and invoices, claim expenses, give and receive project feedback and to access e-learning resources such as SAP Learning Hub more easily, and cheaply, than before.

3. What does the future of social or digital recruiting look like to you – apps, social, emerging tech, etc.?

We are constantly investing time to review new systems and technologies and new ideas that can help us identify and manage quality talent. Recently we have been looking at integrators like Connectifier, GitHub, TalentBin and more. We are also investigating other tools which can analyse sentiment, to try to better understand how knowledgeable the candidate really is.

Zaidy Ramirez, Group CTO , K2 Partnering Solutions


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