Many consider the book by Fyodor Dostoyevsky “The Brothers Karamazov” a masterpiece because it contains so many lessons about human behavior.

For example, the competition between the father, Fyodor and his eldest son Dmitri for the love of Grushenka, a beautiful 22 year-old woman can provide some lessons on how to build a trusted brand in the fiercely competitive market in the twenty-first century.

John Morgan, author of ‘Brand Against the Machine‘, states that the only thing that really distinguishes your company from another is your brand, and your brand is defined by how your customers and potential customers feel about you, their perception of you, their confidence in you and connection with you.

Although he is talking about a company’s brand, we can apply the same principles to building our personal brand, spreading your personal brand for all customers where you act.

Back to The Brothers Karamazov, Grushenka is young, beautiful, extremely attractive, and she’s aware of it. She attracts attention wherever she passes. Grushenka, if she was a brand, she would have one of the components that required by a personal trusted brand: Visibility. Here is the first lesson on how to build a personal trusted brand.

Dmitri Karamazov understood this lesson perfectly. A beautiful woman like Grushenka draws attention, yes, she has great visibility, but this doesn’t automatically mean she’s someone with whom to have and maintain a trusting relationship. Can you imagine the Dmitri’s disappointment on hearing her beautiful lips, saying: “I did not promised you anything”, here we have a second lesson.

After some time having a relationship with Grushenka, Dmitri was completely in love. Despite knowing another woman much more beautiful, rich, and stable, he remained faithful to his love for Grushenka. Our third and last lesson:

Building a successful personal brand revolves around the value you can create for someone and it must always be believable, desirable, and achievable. Your goal should be building trust and rapport with a select group of brand ambassadors (your key contacts inside of customers) who will carry the flag for you and fly it with pride.

In summary, building a personal trusted brand means being seen more as a partner with expert knowledge and a high interest in the customer’s success rather than simply just a resource, after all, resources can be replaced at any time, but a trusted partner cannot.

Alexandre Marins Augusto is a technology consultant based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Connect with him on LinkedIn and check out his blog and website.

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