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Salesforce for Freelancers

What is the difference between Salesforce courses from K2 University and Salesforce’s own courses?

As a Salesforce Authorized Training Provider, there is zero difference in terms of content. Signing up for K2’s courses also gives you full training support until you pass the certification exam, ongoing career advice and course schedules adapted for working professionals. You also get access to K2 Konnect, our exclusive online community with training support and global career opportunities.

What certification is best for me?

Get in touch with the K2 University team to receive a personalised training and career path according to your background and career goals.

I have earned a bunch of badges on Trailhead, can I just take the Exam Preparation course for the exam I want to take?

We recommend taking full courses for the access to the hands-on practice environment, and for the deep learning of the subject material. The Exam Preparation sessions focus on the structure and question types on the exam and will not give an in-depth review of the material.

What is the first course I should take if I don’t have any Salesforce experience?

Adminstrative Essentials For New Admins In Lightning Experience (ADX201) – this gives you a strong foundation of understanding Salesforce’s data model, terminology, and functions such as data loading and reports and dashboards.

What is the average pass rate after someone attends your courses?

The certification exam pass rate for our students is approximately 85% compared to 65% industry average.

How do I schedule and pay for a certification exam?

You register for your exam directly with Salesforce, and every K2 class includes a voucher to take your exam ($200 value).

What happens if I don’t pass on my first try?

No problem at all, it can happen to anyone! K2 University offers support from your instructor and our dedicated team right up until you get certified no matter how many attempts it takes).

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, feel free to get in touch with the K2 University team.

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