freelanceWant to leave that 9-5 job? Then you should build your professional network, engage with recruiters and start your own blog. Here are my top tips on how to kick-start a successful freelancer career.





1. Network and ask for help

Put effort into building your professional network, referrals and word-of-mouth can play an important part in finding freelance work. And don’t be afraid to ask your network for help and advice or about how to solve a problem.

2. Know your worth

Research the rates earned by freelancers with comparable skills and experience and don’t forget to allow for time off and other expenses relating to being a freelancer.

3. Engage with recruiters

Finding freelance projects can be a challenge, recruiters provide that vital link between you and prospective employers. Recruiters cultivate the long-term relationships with employers that help you find projects more easily.

4. Build and maintain your skills

Technology moves fast, so an IT freelancer, you will inevitably work on projects that will require you to learn new skills, products or releases. It is important to keep yourself up to date through continuous learning either online or via classrooms.

5. Become a thought leader, start your own blog!

By blogging you give yourself a unique voice to potential employers and can position yourself as an expert in your field. A blog is also a great way to increase your profile and grow your professional network.


margaret-kellyMargaret Kelly, Marketing Assistant based at K2 Partnering Solutions HQ in London.





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