Creative Cloud

When an entity goes to a Cloud Tenant which is compliant and has demonstrated best practices, what is there left for the consultant to do? The answer is simple, be creative. Here are a few examples of creativity from past implementations.

Creativity by feature

Creative in finding different business use cases for traditional features such as the Incident Management Tool. Challenge the finance business user to be creative and use multiple control accounts. The highest level of creativity in allowing the customer to choose the go-live day and not impact their business.

Any cloud tenant of SAP Business ByDesign can use its standard features to engage their business. These are the non-transactional tools, such as the Application and User Management Work Centre. In this collaborative space the mechanisms of traditional incident reporting and resolution can be extended for use in Process Improvement, Suggestion Box or Meeting Management just to name a few.

A good example of this extension was demonstrated by a National Retail/Distribution Tenant during the final phase of deployment. At this time, the tool was used to host and monitor business readiness tasks before go-live. In doing so, highlighted additional communication tasks required prior to cut over activities. Running this exercise also provided for the reinforcement of actions on the critical path and allowing project stakeholders different views of business readiness.

Examples in the finance space

In the finance space, consider looking at the current business use cases and challenge the customer to apply standard ByDesign processes to achieve the desired result. Standard ByDesign processes are based on best practice and have controls which will guide the business through their nominated process. In a recent proposal, for version 1511, the use of Product Categories in Journal Entries has given the consultant a vehicle in which to re-think traditional data capture methods where multiple data sets are used.

Creative use of control accounts instead of customer groups is an option. This was illustrated in the business case where customers with a low volume of system interactions were maintained. In addition to this, Consultants can again show creativity in how to manage the revenue stream by settings in the Account Determination Groups. This work allows for a greater control of the Order to Cash processes.

Unlike the conventional method of starting a new system with legacy cut off data. This current project is utilizing the creative method of going technically live with transactional data while closing the legacy system accounts simultaneously.

Going forward

On a final note, SAP Business ByDesign has allowed for the project team to accommodate the high demands of industry requirements as well as allow the consultant to be creative and challenge traditional mindsets.

Duong Tran is an SAP ByDesign FICO Consultant based in New South Wales, Australia.

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