Business Meeting

Businesses should develop custom systems and applications to drive innovation and differentiate themselves from competitors according to a report by Forrester Consulting.

The report, Drive Innovation Using The Right Skills: The Value Of Custom Software Development, found that despite the potential challenges associated with custom software development, many businesses chose to invest significant amounts of time and expense on custom applications. The reason being that custom applications enable businesses to “capture and automate innovations, business processes, and intellectual property that make them unique.”

The main reasons for investing in custom software were:

  • – The off-the-shelf package doesn’t meet the needs of the business. It is very rare that an application meets all business requirements and therefore some level of customisation is almost always needed.

– Custom built software enables businesses to differentiate from their competitors. Having a unique application can help deliver a competitive advantage.

– Custom-built applications, and the processes they create, drive innovation and “In the age of the mobile moment, the quality, speed, and context of applications matter more than ever.”

The report ‘Drive Innovation Using The Right Skills: The Value Of Custom Software Development’ was commissioned by Thoughtworks, a global software company and compiled by Forrester Consulting.

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