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Managed Services

Outsource all or part of your recruitment processes to K2 or partner with us on your statement of work projects to enjoy the flexibility and scalability of our contingent talent.


Desempeñamos los roles permanentes más desafiantes de manera rápida a través de relaciones incomparables con los mejores profesionales de TI de todo el mundo, así como con una visión de talento sobresaliente.

Educación & Formación

 K2 ha forjado alianzas con algunas de las principales empresas de software del mundo para instaurar soluciones educativas únicas que proporcionan a nuestros socios comerciales una ventaja competitiva.

Incubación y Aceleración de Prácticas

 Aceleración y ampliación de las prácticas de consultoría existentes e integración de sistemas y rápida “Construcción, Gestión y Transferencia” de nuevas prácticas.

¿Por qué K2?

Acceso al mejor talento TI

Los seleccionadores de personal de K2 no sólo son expertos en nuestras tecnologías básicas, sino que también conocen sus mercados locales. Esta experiencia y nuestro alcance internacional implican que ofrecemos un servicio de consultoría de selección de personal único que suministra al nicho de la empresa consultores TI que ninguna otra empresa de selección de personal puede encontrar.

Candidatos Cualificados

Nuestros procedimientos basados ​​en la calidad implican que nuestros candidatos pueden aportar resultados exitosos a su negocio más rápidamente y de una manera más rentable que nadie. Las referencias de todos nuestros candidatos se revisan antes de que se presenten a los empleadores y recabamos información directa de los directores tanto durante los proyectos, como al final de los mismos. Estos datos de rendimiento se analizan utilizando nuestro sistema de control de calidad patentado, REQ™, que se enfoca en la relación, la experiencia y la calidad.

Lás empresas líderes confían en K2 para aportar

  • Más de 30 clientes Fortune 100
  • Todos los principales integradores de sistemas y consultorías son clientes de K2
  • K2 trabaja con empresas de todos los sectores industriales

Historias exitosas de clientes

Leading Technology Consulting Company

About the Client

  • Headquarters in New Jersey, United States
  • One of the world’s largest consulting companies in digital technology and business consulting with a large presence across all industry verticals.

The Client’s Objectives

  • The customer wanted to partner with a trusted organization that could assist with all of their subcontracting needs throughout Continental Europe and deliver quality resources within 48 hours of a requirement being issued.

K2’s Solution

  • K2 was introduced to the client by a large manufacturing customer in 2015. Since then we have utilized our networks to make placements across seven technology clusters: Enterprise On-Premise, Enterprise Cloud, Enterprise Mobility, Analytics/Big Data, Artificial Intelligence/Robotics, IoT and Cyber Security.
  • K2 provided the client with high-quality service, delivering ROI faster than anyone else. Our enterprise technology professionals are qualified by our unique management system – R.E.Q.™. This assesses our talent, based on the strength of their Relationship with K2, their Expertise, and the Quality of their work. For this project, we utilized our R.E.Q. methodology and widespread delivery teams, helping the client grow exponentially in Continental Europe throughout the last 5 years.
  • We also assisted with multiple talent insights and research of new markets to facilitate and partner with the client on RFP’s and practice builds across various countries. 
  • We provided vital intelligence to assist the business in winning new projects with industry-leading clients at the bidding stage.
  • With separate agreements with each country that the customer operates in, we ensure that all contractors are compliant with local tax and regulations when working outside of their home country onsite across Continental Europe.


  • K2 has consistently provided invaluable support with timely, cost-effective and high-quality resources, which has resulted in the successful delivery of projects.
  • K2 is now the client’s preferred vendor of choice in Eastern Europe, the Nordics, the DACH region, Southern Europe, Benelux and France.
  • We have provided compliant solutions to mission-critical projects with local talent and expats coming into the various countries to work with the consulting companies’ customers. 
  • We have expanded our services from providing the client with one placement in the Netherlands to nearly 500 freelance placements across the globe.
  • K2 can cover the client’s whole technology stack, which means they have no need to engage other suppliers.
  • The client has one point of contact in K2. With best practice recruitment methodologies, we have consistently ensured the timely and successful delivery of a variety of services, support and implementation projects to their customers across all industry verticals.


“Normally I do not like to get involved in an agency recommendation but K2 is really doing a good job in Europe. They are our main partner we work with and we have over 50 contractors through them. They are a solid partner where we have a lot of trust. They also support us in difficult times and have many times been flexible for us in finding solutions. I would recommend them.”

– Head of Recruitment from the organisation in Europe

Leading Oil and Gas Company

About the Client:

  • Headquarters in London.
  • Established for over a century.
  • Operates in almost 80 countries.
  • Approximately 70,000 employees all over the world.

Client Objectives:

  • This client needed an application outsource programme, consisting of B2B, B2C and internal apps. Their main requirement was to have a loyalty reward application built for their customers. It had to be visually enticing and appealing, as well as being simple to use for its users.

K2’s Solution:

  • K2 delivered Front End Developers (skilled in React and Node JS), Back End Developers (skilled in Node JS) and UX/UI Developers. Our enterprise technology professionals are qualified by our unique management system – R.E.Q.™. This assesses our talent, based on the strength of their Relationship with K2, their Expertise, and the Quality of their work. The caliber of these professionals means we can deliver ROI faster than anyone else.
  • In total, four professionals were engaged to help this company develop the application and ensure that all facets were functioning properly. The Developers also helped to create in-house trading applications for the business’s internal employees.


  • The Developers employed by K2 provided the client with an efficient and high-quality service. The loyalty reward application was designed and tested thoroughly. All milestones in the project were delivered on time.
Pharmaceutical Company

About the Client:

  • Headquarters in Indianapolis, USA
  • Established in the late 19th century
  • With offices in 18 countries, the company’s pharmaceutical products are sold in approximately 125 countries.

Client Objectives:

  • This pharmaceutical company had been acquired by another company. Due to regulations in the industry, they needed an SAP solution to be implemented within 27 months in order to remain compliant. Missing this deadline would result in a fine from regulatory bodies.

K2’s Solution:

  • Working alongside the client’s resources, K2 initiated the SAP ECC transformation. Our team was able to provide resources within the Warehouse Management and Materials Management areas across Europe to ensure a smooth delivery.


  • The project was all completed within the 27-month timeframe and the SAP system was successfully implemented.
Leading Bank in Latin America

About the Client 

  • Headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Established in 1945, the client is the largest private sector bank in Brazil. It is ranked by Forbes as one of the largest companies in the world based on business generated, assets and market value.
  • Over 5,000 branches in Latin America and offices all over the world.
  • Over 94,000 employees based all over the world.

Client Objectives

  • The client was initiating a new scheme to develop its people management, with a focus on better communication, empowerment and collaboration.
  • As a part of this drive, the organisation was looking for an improved method of communicating with its thousands of employees.

K2’s Solution

  • K2 provided two experienced professionals for this project. One Salesforce Functional Consultant/Administrator and one Salesforce Front-end Component Developer.
  • We met the client’s expectations by using Salesforce Community CMS to implement a ‘news portal’ for employees, which applied native functions without any programming code.
  • The platform could be used and customised by people even if they had limited technical knowledge.


  • The client was able to validate the functioning of a CMS solution for their sales team
  • The news portal enabled employees to communicate and collaborate simply. The easy to use functions meant that it empowered all who used it, increasing efficiency.
  • After the success of the news portal, the client is looking to implement K2’s services in other departments of the organisation.

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Plataforma de redes sociales a nivel mundial

Acerca del cliente

  • Una plataforma de redes sociales líder a nivel mundial con sede en la zona de la bahía en San Francisco.

Objetivos del cliente

  • El cliente requería contratistas que formaran parte del equipo de operaciones BI para trabajar estrechamente con los Ingenieros de Datos BI y los Ingenieros de Plataforma BI prestando asistenia a varios equipos de datos.
  • El cliente precisaba asistencia en la gestión de canales de flujo de información y tareas de ingeniería enfocados en monitoreo y corrección automática.
  • Los contratistas necesitaban formar parte de rotaciones de turnos suministrando servicios las 24 horas del día, 7 días a la semana para resolver problemas de gestión e implementar


    mejoras cualitativas en las herramientas de base.

  • El equipo también necesitaba construir un almacén de datos integrados relacionado con la monitorización conjunta de todos los procesos BI del cliente.

Solución K2

  • K2 aprovechó sus capacidades globales para suministrar cinco contratistas para construir el equipo de Operaciones BI global en EE.UU., Singapur e Irlanda.
  • A través de nuestros equipos locales en Singapur e Irlanda desarrollamos relaciones cara a cara con los representantes del cliente local, mejorando el nivel de servicio y la entrega.


  • Los dos ingenieros de datos facilitados inicialmente por K2 se han convertido en líderes dentro de este equipo y están formando a los miembros de otro equipo dentro del grupo.
  • El equipo continúa


    creciendo a medida que escogen grupos adicionales, siendo el siguiente el equipo de Finanzas TI.

  • Debido a la excelencia en el suministro de recursos de alto nivel por parte de K2 al grupo de Operaciones BI, el cliente nos ha solicitado recursos al equipo de la plataforma BI en Singapur.

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Multinational Industrial Manufacturing Company

About the Client

  • Headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  • Founded in 1859, the client is a worldwide provider of industrial equipment, technologies and related parts.
  • Approximately 6,700 employees with more than 30 complementary service and repair centres across six continents.

Client Objectives

  • The client required experienced SAP consultants for extra support across several SAP modules to continue to business growth.

K2’s Solution

  • K2 used its global reach to provide the client with exceptional consultants from Latin America, all of whom were experienced SAP professionals and fluent in English.
  • The consultants were used for project work and worked remotely, yet still maintained close contact with the client in order to maintain a strong relationship.

Benefits/ Results

  • The client was able to save money and boost ROI, as the K2 consultants offered the company favourable rates.
  • K2 established a strong relationship with the client, maintaining its reputation for conscientious and consultative service.
Leading Music Company

About the Client

  • Headquarters in California, US.
  • Established in the late 19th century.
  • With offices in 60 different countries, the client is a leading music company and listed among the Top 50 most innovative companies in the world.

Client Objectives

  • The client required support to help localize an SAP solution in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan within a certain budget. 
  • They did not have experience in rolling out the system to Asian countries, and therefore required a partner who would have the knowledge, expertise and capability to deliver this project 

K2’s Solution

  • K2 had initially proposed a Time and Material basis with a group of local SAP consultants to help localize the system. However, the initial proposal was rejected on budget grounds.
  • As an alternative, K2 proposed an SOW-based delivery model to meet the needs of the client. 
  • K2 and the client agreed to conduct a workshop before accepting the SOW, in order to minimize risks and fully align expectations. 
  • A one and a half year localization project was proposed. The standard project timeline is six to nine months, but a longer period was necessary to ensure the required flexibility.


  • K2 won the SOW Asia project by localizing and implementing the SAP solution to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This resulted in improved efficiency with accelerated user productivity in these regions. Higher ROI was achieved by the client. 
  • K2 is currently in discussions to assist the client with a second project in Asia. We will be localizing their SAP templates to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and South Korea. 
  • We are also discussing providing support after go-live in the countries involved in both the first and forthcoming projects in Asia.

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