momo-yamadaIn this blog series, we’ll be placing the spotlight on various K2 employees across the company from management and recruiters to the back office support teams globally.

This week we talked to Momo Yamada, one of the Project Managers in the K2 Konnect team in London.

K2 Konnect is our online platform exclusive to IT consultants working with K2 Partnering Solutions which was launched in November 2015.




Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I started my K2 career fresh out of University in Japan, first working in the Tokyo office working for 2 years as a SAP recruiter then moving to the London office in 2015 to join the K2 Konnect Team.

I now oversee K2’s digitalisation, acting as a Change Manager for the Asia region. I also provide career advice to consultants help them get the necessary skills they need to promote their marketability. Specifically, I advise consultants in SAP and Cloud space where the competition is high and the market moves quickly.

This August I will be reaching my 4th year anniversary working for K2!


What do you do when you arrive at the office in morning and how do you set yourself up for the day?

I check my calendar first to see what I have lined up that day, writing down in my notebook what I need to complete, then I make myself a cup of coffee and check all the email from the previous day.

Once I finish my coffee, I write up my “To Do List”, starting from the most difficult to the easiest one – Obviously, there are other things that come up during the day, but I always try to complete as many tasks as possible!


Momo presenting at a recent K2 event in Singapore

Momo presenting at a recent K2 event in Singapore


What are some of your daily highlights, what do you enjoy most in your day?

My role has a lot of different tasks so I need to be able to break down the day to cover the different tasks. Luckily, time management and calendar organising is something I’ve had to learn in this role! As the day goes on it’s really satisfying to be able to cross items off my “To Do List” and see how much I’ve achieved.

Being in this role, I am in a position to advise people with my knowledge and research, so hearing from consultants who have gone on to become certified really makes my day!

I’ve also recently started blogging on LinkedIn Pulse and have enjoyed getting a reaction through social media for my articles.


How do you wrap up your work at the end of the day? What do you typically do after you leave the office?

I try to clear my inbox and reply to all the email from that day, then check the calendar for next day – if I have an early call etc, so I can adjust what time I need to arrive at the office the next day. Some days I go out for dinner with friends and some day I go to fitness classes – there are so many things you can do in London!


What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt working at K2?

Having the willingness to learn new things. I appreciate this environment where I have many chances and opportunity to learn. Also, I’ve learnt to be able to work with pressure and stay positive! Positivity is so important as we all have ups and down. When you have a positive energy, usually things turns out better.



momo-yamadaMomo Yamada is a K2 Konnect Project Manager at K2 Partnering Solutions.





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