In this blog series, we place the spotlight on K2 employees across the company from management and recruiters to the back office support teams.

This week we talked to Jonatha Pires, Principal Associate and Team Manager at K2’s Brasil office in São Paulo.





Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I started at K2 Partnering in 2011 so am almost approaching 5 and a half years with the company!

My back story is a bit different to other people as I used to be a footballer, living in the UK for nearly 6 years before going into recruitment.

My role at K2 has varied over the years, at the moment I’m working in a sales and mentoring role training both new recruits and current staff members. Training others to be successful is one of my many passions.


What do you do when you arrive at the office in morning and how do you set yourself up for the day?


Every day when I arrive at the office I feel blessed to work for such a big company and be part of K2’s growth.

No day is the same for me at K2, I usually aim to the office every day around 7am, so I can plan my day, read all my emails and understand what I need to do for the day ahead.

On my way to the office I repeat the phrase to myself “I will have an amazing day” as it’s my mantra and I like to be positive everyday!




What are some of your daily highlights, what do you enjoy most in your day?

It makes such a difference to be able to work in a positive environment and when people around me are enjoying success. In our world, a lot of the focus is on doing deals so I like to see everyone making more and more deals, and a competitive atmosphere is always welcome!

I like to think just as Antonio Gulino, CEO of K2 and Antonio Rigo, our Brasil Head of Region have always taught me and that is to ‘Enjoy the the ride and be positive everyday’.


How do you wrap up your work at the end of the day? What do you typically do after you leave the office?

Normally, I go out with friends and my girlfriend for a couple of drinks and take my 3 dogs out. I like to watch good movies and catch up with any IT movements through reading articles and blogs.


What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt working at K2?

To be completely honest I am still learning everyday but if I could share two things I have learnt so far they would be: To ‘be good with people’- Because what you give to others is what you get back and my other tip would be to ‘be humble’ – you never know everything, and there is always space to learn something new.



jonatha-pires-1Jonatha Pires is a Principal Associate and Team Manager based in K2’S Brasil office in São Paulo.





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