In this blog series, we place the spotlight on K2 employees across the company from management and recruiters to the back office support teams.

This week we talked to Tiffany Chu, Operations Associate at K2’s  San Francisco office.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I started in K2 as a recruiter originally, working in the permanent recruitment team, and transitioned into a back-office operations role in the support services team just about a year and a half ago. I just recently had my two year anniversary. Before moving to San Francisco for K2, I did a four-year stint in Hong Kong, where I first gained my recruiting experience. I was a technical recruiter for the property and construction industry for a little less than two years before I finally decided to move back to the states to be closer to home.

Through several fate-driven connections and referrals, I accepted the offer at K2 and bought my one-way ticket to San Francisco. Since being a recruiter here and transitioning over to an ops role, it has given me the opportunity to learn a well-rounded side of the business and the staffing industry.


To explain my responsibilities as an Operations Associate at K2 as simply as possible, I facilitate the process of turning the services that our consultants provide to our clients into money. I make sure consultants and business partners submit their hours, expenses and invoices to meet our monthly deadlines and payment schedules, and in turn, keep the money flowing for the business and for our internal associates’ commissions. I work very closely with my Accounts Receivable counterpart to ensure the billing process is administered effectively to our clients and payment to almost 200+ headcount of K2 consultants are made.


Ugly Sweater Day at the K2 San Francisco office


What do you do when you arrive at the office in the morning and how do you prepare for the day?

I say “Good Morning :)” to my team! I believe greeting my team when I first get into the office brings positive energy to set the tone for the day. I usually make myself a cup of tea as well while I check my emails, and I start prioritizing any request or issues that came in over-night that are time-sensitive. Depending on what time of the month it is, I would be checking our timesheets report right away to see how the West coast offices are doing on timesheet collections for the month.


What are some of your daily highlights, what do you like most in your day?

I enjoy working with and being involved in different internal and external parties. It gives me satisfaction to be able to interact with the sales-floor regularly in order to promptly answer any questions or solve issues that consultant/recruiters may have with the K2 Konnect timesheets and payment process. I believe that coming from the sales-side of the business has allowed me to develop a more in-depth understanding and relation of the business from different angles. I enjoy building relationships with the consultants, internal sales team, and clients that my job supports.


Tiffany (right) with colleagues at the 2017 K2 America Christmas Party in Boston


How do you end your work at the end of the day? What do you usually do after you leave the office?

I review any pending cases that I’m still dealing with at the end of the day, as a sort of reminder on the progress that was made towards a resolution. If any actions need to be made for the next day, I will put a reminder for myself in my calendar.
I like to be active during my free time. I will either go to the gym downstairs from our office building, play tennis with friends, go swimming, sign up for a class pass for yoga, cycling, etc., and occasionally make plans to catch up with friends for dinner to wind down.


What is the most important thing you’ve learned working on K2?

Patience. Our product and our business is people. There are all kinds of people we deal with every day in our industry, and everyone handles things differently. Especially when it may be the topic of a consultant’s salary conversations which may not always be pleasant. I’ve learned that the best you can do is to handle every situation with patience and professionalism.



 Tiffany ChuOperations Associate in K2’s San Francisco office





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