In this blog series, we place the spotlight on K2 employees across the company from management and recruiters to the back office support teams.

This week we talked to Marc Burgess, SAP Recruiter at K2’s Head office in London.


Can you tell us about yourself?

I work within the Sales team at our head office in London, acting as a point of contact for one of K2’s largest accounts and also a few others that I continually try to develop. I also help the rest of our office through generally being an overly hyperactive and energetic sales guy!

Before I joined K2 I was studying for a bit where I gained a 2:1 BA in International Relations at Leicester University, during this time I also worked full-time for four and a half years with the 3rd Unit of The British Army, assigned to other regular units and regiments at various points.

Up until working for K2, most of my time was spent outdoors so to then being in an office came as quite a culture shock! However, my background certainly helped to quickly adapt to this high-paced environment. I’ve pretty much woken up every day happy to come into the office for the past six or so years.


What do you do when you arrive at the office in morning and how do you set yourself up for the day?

I’d like to say that I go for a run each morning, however, that’s not always true. It certainly makes a better day for me in terms of energy and mood when I do though.

To give you an example of a typical day, let’s go on a Monday morning as an example:

I arrive at the office at 8 am with a coffee from K2 Espresso – our coffee shop next to the office. Once at my desk, I focus on making sure I know everything that I am doing from 8:30 am onwards. This is the priority, so you can start the day dealing with things that are at the closest point of placing a candidate and then work backwards.

To get prepared, these are some of the questions I will ask myself:
– Have I got an internal K2 associate working with that burning hot candidate requirement and have they been fully briefed?
Is the associate inspired to find the right profile?
– When can I send a CV for the role?
– What happened with the CV’s we sent previously to the client?
– What time is the interview for the candidate?
When is the client due to make a decision on filling the role?

Once these open processes are locked down, I’ll then hunt for new business.


What are some of your daily highlights, what do you enjoy most in your day?

After being at K2 for six years I still get a buzz from making deals, I don’t think that is going to go away and for the moment its why I’m solely focused on a sales career path.

The more senior I get, the more I genuinely enjoy watching others grow and learn. Watching young, energetic and intelligent people make mistakes than make them right and overcome huge K2-sized problems is brilliant. If I can be part of this journey for others it makes it all worthwhile.

It’s quite easy to be selfish as a salesperson and for sure when I started this was the case, but now, however, I like to think it’s good to be a bit selfless sometimes so you can help push others to succeed and reward them.


Marc front right with colleagues on the incentive trip to Vietnam in 2017 for K2’s Top Performers


How do you wrap up your work at the end of the day?

At the end of the day, I make sure to debrief who’s been working with me. For the last half an hour of the day I focus on making sure I am ready for tomorrow; will it be a deal day?

After work, I’d like to say that I go for a run each evening but…you can see where I’m going here can’t you!… There are some days in the week where we all end up in the ‘White Horse’ – working opposite one of the best pubs in London is quite enticing and depending on how the day has gone, it’s always good to have a few pints with the team and remove any stress from the day.

The running thing is also my own selfish vice for controlling any stress and thoughts I have, helps me to keep focused and going in the right direction with just me, myself and I.



What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt working at K2?

Two things I have learnt whilst working at K2 are: Your actions and examples affect others. Also, that the extra mile is a vast and unpopulated wasteland.

If you give someone the time of day and your attention, then they will be willing to help you when times are tough, they will also be the ones staying late to help you and they are the ones who will go the extra mile to be the best that they can be. That’s the K2 way and my own personal code of conduct, it is what K2 has taught me from day one.

I’m far from being the perfect sales guy, however, with the right team around me and role models above – I know I can continue to improve and be the best I can be every single day!



Marc Burgess is an SAP Recruiter at K2 HQ in London.





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