K2's Ludovic Frichment and Responsible Cyber's Magda Chelly sign strategic alliance.

K2 Managing Partner, Ludovic Frichment, and Responsible Cyber Manageing Director, Magda Chelly, sign strategic alliance.

K2 Partnering Solutions has signed a strategic alliance with Singapore-based Responsible Cyber to offer our customers the comprehensive and consultative solutions they need to meet the growing threats to information security.

Cybersecurity incidents are rarely out of the news these days, whether it’s the attack on the Ukraine power grid, the rise of ransomware, or the theft from Tesco bank accounts, cybersecurity threats are on the rise. The incidents that make the news are just the tip of the iceberg with one report suggesting one in four organisations has experienced an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack.

As the number and complexity of cyber threats rises, organisations are finding it harder and harder to source qualified cybersecurity talent and it’s predicted there will be a 2m global shortfall in cybersecurity professionals by 2019.

In many cases the biggest cybersecurity threats come from inside an organisation rather than from some malevolent external actor. Employee cyber-awareness isn’t keeping pace with advances in technology and the dangers these bring for information security.

K2’s alliance with Responsible Cyber marries its expertise in intensive cybersecurity training, awareness and communication with K2’s unparalleled global staffing capabilities. Together we offer organisations comprehensive solutions that enable them to not only find the right cyber talent but also educate existing employees about the information security threats they face.


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