Each month we recognise a K2 consultant who has received outstanding client feedback on their recent project.


This month the K2 Consultant of the Month is Paulo Rogerio Santos, an SAP SD Consultant. Read our interview with Paulo below.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, e.g. Which technologies do you specialise in? How long you have been working as a consultant? Where you are based?


I began working in the IT sector in 1998 as Oracle Database Administrator. In 2006, I had the opportunity to join the SAP Sales and Distribution Academy and since then I have worked in this area. I am currently based in São Paulo, Brazil.


Tell us a little about your most recent K2 project. What was being implemented, what were the technical challenges, how were they overcome etc.?


I have strong knowledge in Brazilian Localization and have implemented all enhancements and Projects related to legal requirements for Nota Fiscal new Layout 3.10, Non-contributor Taxation rules for TAXBRJ and TAXBRA Pricings. Last year I also worked on the New Nota Fiscal 4.0 layout requirements for Bayer S.A.

In Bayer, I implemented Sales Scenarios Rollouts for Mexico and Argentina, following the business rules for these countries. These and the taxation processes are very complex and differ in Argentina and Mexico, which meant this was a big but rewarding challenge.


What do you enjoy most about your job?


My job as an SAP SD Consultant has meant that I have worked in companies in a varied amount of sectors, such as chemicals, food and beverage, services, electronic products etc. Working in these different areas has given me knowledge that has made me adaptable and able to propose better solutions for the customers to obtain the best results possible.


Which technical development do you think will have the biggest impact on your field or the wider world of IT over the next couple of years?


All big companies, for the most part, are preparing to develop the system for SAP HANA in the future. Consultants should be prepared for these new demands to handle their customers’ businesses.


What advice would you give to someone who is starting out as a freelance IT consultant?


They must have good experience in enhancements and projects, understand a business’s core and be willing to work as a team. Success in business happens when a team works together to propose and implement the best solution for their customers. A new freelance IT consultant should also always be keeping up to date with the latest technological trends and always implement their new knowledge.


Paulo Rogerio Santos, SAP SD Consultant


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