Each month we recognise a K2 consultant who has received outstanding client feedback on their recent project.

This month the K2 Consultant of the Month is Kazem Pourgholami, Senior ERP /BI consultant from Germany.

Read our interview with Kazem below.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A SAP/ERP and BI Consultant since 1992, I am currently based in Munich, Germany. I started my SAP career first working with R/2, then switching to R/3 and ERP and later landing in BI.

My key capabilities are to understand the Business department, translate the requirements into IT language then realize them. I have a lot of experience in all the financial and logistic processes of SAP.

I first came to BI in 2002 as a R/3 Consultant to a BI Team in a big international BI Project to place the R/3 requirements for the project. That was the moment I decided to complete my knowledge of SAP by learning the BI Module. I have now passed all the BI courses at SAP and since that time have had projects with a combination of both ERP and BI. I have a very good knowledge of both the SAP System Business side due to my economic studies.


What was your most recent K2 project?  

My most recent project with K2 was to give a training in Bex-Analyzer in Hannover, Germany. The client wanted to know the newest features of Reporting and was planning to upgrade the Planning module.

The team was a combination of Business departments and IT Management. The challenge was first to bring the two worlds together and second, to show them the new world of Reporting with thousands of possibilities. I enjoyed the time with the client and hope I helped them choose the right decision.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working for more than 25 years at SAP across many different types of industries, I am very lucky to have always been part of an international team. Getting to know how the industry works is always a great pleasure and of course, it’s always a fun challenge to try to understand the business aspects of these different industry types.

I am very happy if at the end of the day my customer is satisfied with the solution and with me. I also like the part when we have a big party to celebrate the end of a project!


Which technical development do you think will have the biggest impact on your field over the next few years?

The development of SAP is breathtakingly fast so retraining and further education is an essential part of SAP consultant life. S/4HANA has been a major update to traditional SAP and I aim to stay as close to the middle of these new technologies as possible to continue to try and be the very best S/4HANA expert I can be.


What advice would you give to someone starting out as a freelance IT consultant?

Some advice I would give to someone just starting out as a freelance IT consultant is;

  • Try to be flexible and adjust to each new project situation
  • Further education is very important – to survive as a freelancer you should always aim to be up-to-date with your knowledge.
  • Don’t let anxiety get to your mind.
  • Try to understand the client and project scope to the best of your ability so you can give them the best solution.



 Kazem Pourgholami is a SAP/BI Consultant based in Germany.





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