Each month we recognise a K2 consultant who has received outstanding client feedback on their recent project.

This month the K2 Consultant of the Month is Artem Lupanin, a Business Project Manager. Read our interview with Yannis below.

Tell us a bit about yourself, for example, which technologies do you specialise in? How long you have been working as a consultant? Where you are based?

I work mainly as a Lead Developer, but sometimes I take opportunities as a Solution Architect or Technical Pre-Sale. Over the last six years, I was working remotely from different countries in Asia and Europe. I am now based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Tell us a little about your most recent K2 project. What was being implemented, what were the technical challenges, how were they overcome etc?

I was struggling with security. The client’s infrastructure was really secure and during this project, I had the challenge of not using standard components for integration with AD, Exchange server and other systems.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

As a freelance consultant, I work with many different companies. It doesn’t lead to a daily routine, it is always new work and really interesting to get an understanding and an insight into how the company works. Also, I like to work with business process management systems. It gives me the opportunity to solve the client’s problems, optimise processes so that they are better and faster, and I receive some of the benefits provided for their staff.

I am happy when my clients are happy. It’s the best reward for my daily efforts. I feel like a painter and each project is like a painting!

Which technical development do you think will have the biggest impact on your field or the wider world of IT over the next couple of years? 

More software providers have started to amend their products for IT clouds. The clouds are getting more useful and cheaper, than self infrastructure. Also, license policies have good deals and support moving the infrastructure into the cloud.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting out as a freelance IT consultant?

Work hard. Love each of your clients and business partners. Make good relationships with everyone, because you never know where you are going to work and with whom again. More connections and relationships lead to more work in the future.

-Artem Lupanin, Business Project Manager

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