Consultant of the MonthEach month we recognise a K2 consultant who has received outstanding client feedback on their recent project.

This month the K2 Consultant of the Month is Anna Monteiro, an SAP Sales and Distribution Consultant. Read our interview with her below:

Tell us a bit about yourself, for example, which technologies do you specialise in? How long you have been working as a consultant? Where are you based?

I’m based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have been working as an SD consultant since 2010. I have solid knowledge in Sales Process configurations, Brazilian Localization and some knowledge in ABAP.

Tell us a little about your most recent K2 project. What was being implemented, what were the technical challenges, how were they overcome etc?

My last project was a global rollout with version upgrade (SAP ERP 6.0 to 6.17) and migration from calculation procedures TAXBRJ/RVXBRA to TAXBRA/RVABRA. We needed to do process adjustments, that were defined in the global solution by the Austrian team, to fit the Brazilian scenario. After our efforts, we could put the project back on track, and delivered all the scenarios with good quality.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like the feeling of being productive in helping companies to achieve their goals. I like the feeling of being part of the companies that I worked for, and I like the challenge of finding different solutions for each of them. Each company has its owns particularities and it allows me to continually improve my knowledge.

Which technical development do you think will have the biggest impact on your field or the wider world of IT over the next couple of years?

In my opinion, Artificial Intelligence is changing our world and will continue changing everything, not only the IT world. Maybe over the next couple of years, the development in IoT will bring us many more things to facilitate our lives. Because of this, I think we will need to start to improve our knowledge about the subject.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting out as a freelance IT consultant?

As a freelancer, the most important thing that we have is our name, which becomes our brand. So, do your best in all of the jobs that you are hire for. Put all your efforts into delivering the best possible outcome for every customer. Work with colleagues as a team, respecting and helping all, sharing your knowledge. In the end, besides delivering good work, you will make some friends on the way.

— Anna Monteiro, SAP SD Consultant

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