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We are always on the look out for the best talent to join our global team!

Why Work With Us?

If you are passionate about people, naturally ambitious and enjoy travel then K2 is the recruitment company you’ve been looking for.

We understand the value of our employees and as the leading firm in the specialist IT staffing market you can be sure that in return for your hard work and dedication you are given the best opportunities to support your career growth at K2.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and well-known global enterprises. We also have a variety of training programs tailored to our values so you can be sure you will get all the training you need to succeed, including an award-winning learning and development program.

Our Foreign Exchange Program gives you the opportunity to work in any of our global offices.

K2 is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to hiring a diverse workforce.


Are you driven? Collaborative? Innovative? Entrepreneurial? Adaptable? Ambitious?



Our Core Values


Open and honest relationships


Create and embrace change


Use knowledge intelligently


Excel through quality


A career path at K2 can take you whichever direction you choose to go.


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A very good atmosphere and environment. At K2 you learn in few months what you cannot learn at other companies in years.
Sales Associate in London, England

K2 is somewhere you can write your own ticket. Your ability to take initiative and show results will propel you throughout the company to new locations and new opportunities.
Director in Boston, USA

K2 is a great place to be if you are self-motivated and take pride in being successful.


Sales Associate in London, England

Awarded ‘Best Business Partner 2018’

— Tata Consultancy Services

Company Benefits

At K2 you’ll find a fast-paced, collaborative and fun environment with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect when you come and work with us:
Uncapped Commision Structure
Work with a Global Team
Structured Training and Fast Career Progression
Monthly Team Parties
Work with the Leader in Technology Recruitment
See the World With our Foreign Exchange Program
Yearly Incentive Trips Abroad for top Performers
Phone Allowance
Outstanding Career Development Prospects

At K2 we believe that the diversity of our employees is one of our biggest strengths. We have created a diverse and inclusive culture around the world, providing every employee with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.

Your FAQs Answered

Q: 'How should I prepare for the interview with a manager?’
After you speak to the Talent Acquisition team, you will be introduced to your possible future manager.

The hiring manager interview is one of the most important parts of the interview process. In this conversation, we will discuss your experience and what you can bring to the business, as well as competencies. The goal is to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Here are some tips that will help you:

  1. Do your research about K2! You should be able to talk about the business and show that you know who we are.
  2. Ask questions about the business. Your questions show a real interest in the role and the organization.
  3. Find out about the hiring manager. Try to find points in common (for example, did you attend the same university or work at similar companies?) or points to talk about during the interview to make the conversation light without losing focus.
  4. If the interview is via Videocall, make sure you are in a quiet place and you have a good connection. If it is in person, check the route and plan to arrive no more than five minutes in advance. Don’t be late!
  5. If you have any questions, you can contact the Talent team, who will clarify any doubts.
  6. Tailor your responses to your interviewer and make sure you describe your experiences clearly.
  7. And the most important one – be yourself! Show who you are and why your personality and skills would be great for K2 and the department.
Q: ‘What is K2’s culture like?’
Our culture is about encouraging each employee to have a voice and giving them the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Our goal of ‘Being the Best by Working with the Best’ is driven by our diverse culture. If I were to describe our culture with an analogy, I would say it’s like a bag of mixed sweets (or candy, for those in America), with lots of different options. Some examples of the variety are professionals that are, in their own unique ways, resilient, determined, driven, self-motivated, adaptable to change.

Our culture is a fundamental part of who we are and our CEO talks about it with a lot of pride.

Q: ‘How long does it take to be promoted at K2 and what is the career progression like?’
It usually takes between 6-12 months for someone’s first promotion and the majority of our associates get promoted once every calendar year (some high achievers even every six months!) until they have reached a more senior or management level. Compared with a lot of other companies, where associates pass their probation period after six months, K2 is an environment where success happens quickly. There’s a well-structured career navigation in place, which helps everyone to navigate through the levels and gives a transparent overview of competencies and also requirements for promotion.
Q: ‘What is onboarding and training like at K2?’
There’s a tailored onboarding program available for all associates, regardless of their background or level of experience. 

Our onboarding plans are worked out by the Learning and Development (L&D) team who have a wealth of experience in onboarding associates across all functions. The actual onboarding itself is split into classroom training, as well as virtual training and on-the-job learning. This is delivered by the L&D team with close involvement from the business. 

Continued training is at the core of what we do, and tied into career navigation as well. All associates can constantly request additional training to build on certain competencies. This is all close to our mission statement of ‘Being the Best by Working with the Best’.

Q: ‘I’ve heard about your Exchange program. Can you transfer to another K2 office?'
You can! K2 takes a lot of pride in its Foreign Exchange Program (FXP) and the possibility of offering international opportunities to all of its employees. 

Taking part in the FXP is based upon meeting a few criteria. For example, you need to have been with the company for a minimum of one year and have a certain seniority level. You will also need to be performing and achieving all of your targets in your region and have successful performance reviews.
If you don’t meet some of the criteria, you can still express your interest. K2 and your leaders will support you in designing a development plan to help you achieve your objective. 

Find out more with this short video.

Q: ‘Why is K2 University a unique offering and how does it relate to recruitment?’
This is a question that we get asked quite often.

We spend probably 60% of our time on any given day talking to candidates about K2 University’s offering. This is probably one of the most discussed topics in all K2 job interviews.

The answer is that education and recruitment go hand in hand as workforce solutions services.

Recruitment is a very successful model. There is always a company looking to hire and there is always someone looking for a job. As there is always room for career growth and development, there is always room for career changes and recruitment services. However, when we talk about IT hiring needs, we are faced with the ‘IT skills gap’, which all of us (even the ones remotely connected to the IT industry) have heard about.

What that means is that at times we will be faced with nearly impossible requirements to fill – or they might take too long to be completed. That is one of the situations when the Education steps in. We are able to offer our clients the opportunity to up-skill or train someone that is already part of their workforce (offering career development and improving their retention rates). Likewise, individuals looking for new roles and who want to stay relevant in the market can acquire new skills and certifications.

When we talk about the career of a Recruitment Consultant at K2, we want to make sure they all understand that what we offer is workforce solutions and they might be in the form of recruitment services or training solutions.

Q: ‘What is K2 Konnect and why should I know about it?’
With the ever rapid growth of the gig economy, K2 Partnering Solutions needed to create an efficient and streamlined contractor management system to attract and keep our top clients and candidates in the market. So, K2 Konnect was created!  

K2 Konnect, or K2K, is an interactive invitation-only talent platform for the enterprise technology workforce. The candidates that we work with are able to manage their projects right from their phone! Whether it be streamlining their timesheets, finding their next project, or connecting with other experts in their field, K2K makes that possible and easy.  

Our clients can also use K2 Konnect! They can access our fully vetted candidates and look at their references and previous client ratings with K2K. They can virtually window shop our talent pool!

Why does this matter to you? The world of work is changing fast. Both candidates and clients have multiple companies that they can choose to work with, but K2 Konnect is our unique offering to help us stand out. Our sales associates and recruiters are able to leverage these automation and search tools to not only make their jobs easier, but also the jobs of our clients and candidates. The labor market is seeing an increase in the prevalence of contract workers and K2 Konnect is one way we are able to keep up! 

Q: ‘What systems and technologies do we use that make the life of a recruiter easier?’

We are using (and developing in-house) a number of recruitment technologies that integrate with our CRM. We use a customized Recruitment Board, which is automated and shows the recruitment status of each candidate at all times. In addition, we use an AI-driven search engine that matches candidates against jobs (and vice versa) based on their skill set. We also have embedded tools to assist recruiters with more intuitive searches.

Come and Join Us

We’re always on the lookout for the best talent to join our teams around the globe and have a variety of different functions throughout the company from sales and resourcing to back office support. So whether you are starting out as a recent graduate, looking for a new challenge or just exploring your career options, come and talk to us!

If you’re an IT consultant looking to get placed by K2, please contact us using our candidate contact form.

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