How to Become a Salesforce Admin

Get certified and become Salesforce Admin with K2

The cloud sector is growing at 22% a year, seven times faster than the total IT market. Salesforce, in particular, is a massive growth area with 300,000 job postings asking directly for Salesforce-related skills and 1.9 million new jobs expected in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2020. Getting certified in Salesforce offers the potential to earn at least 6% more than if you’re not certified.

We’re seeing an increasing number of consultants working with other CRM systems such as Siebel and Peoplesoft making the jump to Salesforce by retraining and getting certified.

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Check out our infographic below to find out why and how you can become a Salesforce Admin with K2.

Road to Becoming a Salesforce Admin Infographic

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