K2’s artificial intelligence roadshow showcases innovative AI solutions to enthusiastic audiences

K2’s artificial intelligence roadshow has concluded in Latin America to great acclaim from our clients, highlighting the products and services that distinguish us in AI consulting. The event, “Supercharge Your Business with Artificial Intelligence”, visited Mexico City, Bogotá, Medellín, and São Paulo. Chris Collins, AI Consulting Director at K2, led all four sessions, demonstrating innovative […]

K2 rolls out its own cost-effective AI copilot to 750 staff

Employee using copilot

K2’s artificial intelligence practice has created an AI copilot, the K2 Virtual Assistant, and rolled it out to about 750 employees without having to pay for seat licenses. Copilots, which use generative AI to enhance productivity and task automation, are increasingly being integrated into major enterprise technology platforms, but companies typically pay for each additional […]