In Part 1 we began our examination of the key differences between humans and artificial intelligence, in this part we will continue to examine the difference and see the strengths and weaknesses of both.


Human intelligence can take up multiple tasks at a time. You may cook food and listen to music at the same time. These are voluntary actions. There are thousands of involuntary actions that control your brain, like a heartbeat, digestion, blood flow, etc. 

AI has not received this level of multitasking at this point. It can perform some tasks simultaneously, but not hundreds or thousands. 

Decision Making

Humans learn to make decisions from a variety of scenarios in our lifetime. 

Even the most advanced robot cannot compete with a six-year-old child when it comes to decision making. They can only make decisions for which they are trained. Their learning speed is also very slow. 

Energy usage

Human intelligence uses 25 watts, which is more than 12 times the energy used by modern computers. Additionally, the brain does not just require a power source, we need a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to ensure smooth operation. 

In contrast, modern computers use only 2 watts.

Self Awareness

Human intelligence is naturally self-aware. You strive to develop an identity of your own as soon as you mature. We understand our surroundings and our decisions are based on our awareness. 

Artificial intelligence is yet to develop this trait. It is 0% self-aware. Its life starts and ends with completing a particular task for which it is designed and developed. Again self-awareness is something that could potentially be achieved by an AGI. 

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence – who will win?

From all this discussion, we find that the machines learn from historical data. They use data to build the algorithms and these algorithms help it to predict or analyze any other data thrown into it. But how far can it go? What if we feed some data that is completely unrelated to the data feed during learning? How will the machine respond? Simple, it will crash.

But human intelligence, how will it react? It will outwit AI 

Human intelligence has many capabilities that a machine will probably never be able to develop.

  • Creativity: Human intelligence is creative enough to develop something as amazing as artificial intelligence. However, artificial is very, very far from developing its intelligence. 
  • Endeavor to improve: We humans constantly try to improve ourselves. We are never settling. However, artificial intelligence never tries to perform anything more than for what it was developed. 

While some of these capabilities might be present in an AGI, Artificial intelligence has to come a long way to surpass human intelligence. According to me, AI can’t achieve this feat!


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