Suministro de conocimientos en aplicaciones empresariales

Nuestras soluciones permiten que su negocio sea más versátil, reactivo y rentable


Contratación de personal

 K2 identifica y trabaja con los mejores profesionales de TI independientes y está perfectamente posicionada para prestar asistencia en proyectos en grupo de cualquier tamaño con talento a nivel local o global.

Contratación permanente

Desempeñamos los roles permanentes más desafiantes de manera rápida a través de relaciones incomparables con los mejores profesionales de TI de todo el mundo, así como con una visión de talento sobresaliente.

Educación & Formación

 K2 ha forjado alianzas con algunas de las principales empresas de software del mundo para instaurar soluciones educativas únicas que proporcionan a nuestros socios comerciales una ventaja competitiva.

Incubación y Aceleración de Prácticas

 Aceleración y ampliación de las prácticas de consultoría existentes e integración de sistemas y rápida “Construcción, Gestión y Transferencia” de nuevas prácticas.

¿Por qué K2?

Acceso al mejor talento TI

Los seleccionadores de personal de K2 no sólo son expertos en nuestras tecnologías básicas, sino que también conocen sus mercados locales. Esta experiencia y nuestro alcance internacional implican que ofrecemos un servicio de consultoría de selección de personal único que suministra al nicho de la empresa consultores TI que ninguna otra empresa de selección de personal puede encontrar.

Candidatos Cualificados

Nuestros procedimientos basados ​​en la calidad implican que nuestros candidatos pueden aportar resultados exitosos a su negocio más rápidamente y de una manera más rentable que nadie. Las referencias de todos nuestros candidatos se revisan antes de que se presenten a los empleadores y recabamos información directa de los directores tanto durante los proyectos, como al final de los mismos. Estos datos de rendimiento se analizan utilizando nuestro sistema de control de calidad patentado, REQ™, que se enfoca en la relación, la experiencia y la calidad.

Lás empresas líderes confían en K2 para aportar

  • Más de 30 clientes Fortune 100
  • Todos los principales integradores de sistemas y consultorías son clientes de K2
  • K2 trabaja con empresas de todos los sectores industriales

Historias exitosas de clientes

Comprehend Systems
About the client

  • Comprehend Systems provides cloud-based software solutions for clinical operations teams to optimize quality and speed across a portfolio of clinical trials.
  • Privately held company founded in 2010 currently at 100+ employees, headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Client objectives

  • Primary efforts have been focused on organizing and standardizing the marketing and sales processes. Recently the client has moved forward with organizing and standardizing the post-sales contract management process.
  • With nobody internally to manage the Salesforce instance it was not being utilized to its capacity or provide automated timely information.
  • Comprehend needed help rolling out sales and marketing use of Salesforce company-wide to 20 end users with correct training and best practices.

K2 solution

  • K2 provided a senior functional Salesforce consultant who specialized in growing smaller instances and setting in place best practices. The consultant started out on a 3-month contract and continues to extend ongoing with support (14+ months to date).
  • He has supported the client with hands on configurations, reporting, and training. They do not have another person internally to support the Salesforce instance so this will be a continuous ongoing contract.


  • The Chief Revenue Officer states that this is the best Salesforce implementation he’s ever worked on.
  • The Director of Sales Operations works directly with K2’s consultant to develop the solutions that are implemented and they closely collaborate on successfully executing testing, enhancements and deployment.

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Pure Storage
About the Client

Pure Storage provides enterprise all-flash memory solutions to tackle the most demanding business and IT problems.

Client Testimonial

“We asked K2 for a rock star consultant and they delivered!

“Pure Storage needed someone with UI/UX Design and VisualForce development skills to re-design our support portal (built on SFDC Communities). Due to previous issues managing multiple skill sets it was imperative that we find one exceptional person who could handle both aspects of the project.

“Despite the difficult request, K2 delivered top quality profiles that were within our budget. Their resource did such a great job on the initial scope that we are throwing additional projects at him.

“We are very happy that our our Salesforce rep introduced us to K2.”

K. Wade, Support Operations

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Temple Israel
About the Client

Temple Israel is a non-profit community organization and Synagogue based in Boston, USA.

Client Testimonial

“We have been using K2’s services now for about a year and couldn’t be happier. Even though we have multiple Salesforce Apps in play and they’ll provide support, it is often tough to help tie everything together. This is where K2 played and continues to play an integral role with our organization. From Visual Force to standard development, K2 delivers on all levels, with solid dependable developers and support staff. Regardless of where Salesforce takes our organization, I can promise, K2 will be right here with us all the way!”

Christopher George, Director of Information Technology

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Plataforma de redes sociales a nivel mundial
About the client

  • A leading global Social Media platform headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Client Objectives

  • The client required contractors to form part of the BI operations team and work closely with BI Data Engineers and BI Platform Engineers supporting various data teams.
  • The client needed support with the operation of data pipelines and engineering efforts with a focus on monitoring and auto-remediation.
  • The contractors needed to be part of the on-call rotation providing 24/7 services to solve operational issues and implement quality improvements to the base tools.
  • The team was also needed to build an integrated data-warehouse related to all monitoring all the client’s BI processes.

K2 Solution

  • K2 leveraged its global capabilities to provide five contractors to build out the client’s global BI Operations team in the USA, Singapore and Ireland.
  • Through our local teams in Singapore and Ireland we developed face-to-face relationships with the local client representatives, enhancing service levels and delivery.


  • The two Data Engineers initially provided by K2 have become leaders within this team and are training other team members within the group.
  • The team continues to grow as they pick up additional groups – next being the IT Financials team.
  • Due to K2’s excellence in delivery of high-level resources to the BI Ops group, the client has asked us to provide resources to the BI platform team in Singapore.

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Vendedor de Salud y Nutrición
Client Testimonial

I highly recommend K2partnering! I’ve been using other vendors for years, and K2partnering is the best service I’ve ever had. Thank you! I was very satisfied with the professional, efficient, timeliness and quality of all work completed. We were able to complete our deliverables in a timely manner and the quality of the work was superb. Contracting with K2 partnering gave me the peace of mind I needed.

Health and Nutrition Retailer, USA

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Empresa Internacional de Fabricación
About the client

  • Market leading international manufacturing  company, headquartered in Holland with its main offices in France.
  • Employs over 60,000 people over four European countries.
  • Has a diverse application and technology landscape.
  • Manufactures goods that are used day in day out for a very accessible market on an international level.
  • 2015 took over 1,000 orders of its products and delivered over 600 products.

Client Objectives

  • Hire Business Intelligence, SAP HANA Developers and Consultants, Scrum Masters, Data Scientists and SAP Fiori consultants to make up the core team.
  • 10+ consultants placed on a freelance basis in France/Germany.
  • Main responsibilities included leading design and development of specific programmes, gathering requirements, defining solutions and configuration for the Business Intelligence/HANA consultants.
  • Scrum Masters: established scrum processes for two distributed teams, established and configured tools – trained team members, coaching, training of new agile requirements, facilitating scrum meetings etc.
  • Data Scientists: worked mainly at a strategic level to advise the business in a new technology area.

The K2 Solution

  • K2 leveraged its pan-European network of niche talent with consultants arriving from the UK, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Spain for the sites in France and Germany.
  • Due to its strong European network K2 was able to give the client very favourable rates for niche consultants.
  • Since the initial hiring phase in November 2014, K2 still has consultants on-site today and two of the freelancers have joined the client on a permanent basis in France due to their exceptional performance.  


  • All of the delivery was completed within 24 hours of the requests being sent by the client which allowed K2 to showcase its network capabilities at consistent level.
  • The majority of the consultants were on-boarded onto the project within 5 working days of the requests being sent
  • The client has since started new projects in new technology spaces which K2 continues to support.
  • The K2 teams were also invited to the opening of a new delivery centre in France in the summer of 2015.

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Empresa Multinacional Química y Farmacéutica
About the client

  • Multinational chemical and pharmaceutical company with a focus in the healthcare and agricultural arenas.
  • A company with over 120 years of tradition and more than 102,000 employees across the globe, 6,500 of whom are in Brazil.
  • Enjoys a presence in almost every country in the world.
  • Corporate structure is divided into 4 strategic regions that cover all continents: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

Client objectives

  • Committed to sustainable practices, ethical and social standards.
  • Maintains position among the top four pharmaceutical healthcare companies in the world.
  • Strong demand for IT professionals with a collaborative view, ability to manage the daily complexities of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Constantly at the front of IT solutions to the pharmaceutical sector and with an eye for continuous improvement.

Summary of requirements

  • Strong demand for professionals who are highly experienced with new technologies to support them in their processes / projects.

K2 solution

  • K2 is one of the main strategic IT partners in the pharmaceutical industry, for both contract and permanent hiring.
  • The SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce professionals supplied by K2 were verified by our unique Relationship, Expertise, Quality (R.E.Q.) quality control system.

Benefits / results

  • Within two days candidates were sent in a single shortlist with a minimum of five CVs (for both contract and perm).
  • K2 leveraged experience and long-standing relationships within the sector to ensure all profiles matched the IT needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Client quote

“K2’s methods completely satisfy the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry, bringing excellence to our deliveries.”


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Empresa Multinacional de Comercio Electrónico
About the client

  • Argentinean multinational focused on e-commerce
  • Company presence in 18 countries, and offers solutions for e-commerce for people and companies to be able to buy, sell, pay, announce and send products via internet.
  • The most accessed page in Latin America and second in the world, the company makes 4.6 sales per second. That is a total of 276 transactions per minute.
  • 2800 categories and more than 34 million different products. 90% of the products sold are new.
  • They are source of income for 150,000 families and 40% of the revenue is generated in Brazil.

Client objectives

  • Value to the client and user: excellent experience.
  • Surpass limits, think outside the box.
  • Execute with excellence.
  • Focus on solution rather than on the problem.
  • Compete with teamwork. 
  • Meritocracy: promotion for professionals that stand out.
  • Entertainment: healthy environment, lively and fun. Space for rest and decompression with books, video games, TVs, sofas.
  • Biggest challenge: professionals who know the e-commerce segment, graduate and fluent in English.

Summary of requirements

  • Practice speed, project delivery, project location.
  • Creation of new development cells for e-commerce.
  • Hiring of a team leader for several Java developers, focused on e-commerce.

K2 Solution

  • K2 Market knowledge/specialized teams.
  • Extensive K2 talent database.
  • Local, regional and global knowledge.
  • Experts supplied by K2 were verified by our unique Relationship, Expertise, Quality (R.E.Q.) quality control system.
  • K2 is the principal IT technology partner with around 10 recruiters focused on the platform.
  • We sent options daily for several professionals that met requirements.
  • Profiles inlcuded UI Developer, Front-end, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Node.JS, JQuery, Backbone, Angular.JS, URA Avaya, Groovy on Rails, Ruby on Rails, Oracle, MySQL, DevOps, TDD, Web.

Benefits / Results

  • Delivery quality and speed
  • Candidates met the client needs
  • Superior reply time.
  • One/two days to send online tests.
  • Successful project results.
  • Recurring client hires.

Client quote

“Fast delivery and service excellence made K2 our main IT recruiting partner.”


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